Weaving Learning Into Wisdom

Paula Underwood

Reach out with your Mind

And touch the edges of each thing

as it exists


The configurations

of form and color

Bend and shape Awareness

Reach out with your Hand

And sense the depth

of the texture of Life

The nature of warp and woof

The weaving of one way of being

with another

Celebrate the complexity

of Wholeness

Reach out with your Heart

And sense

the essence of things

Hear the throb of the Life Beat

The Universal pulse

That paces the beat of your heart

and mine

Reach out with Mind

and Hand

and Heart

And see how it is

that Life is One


by the divisions of our perceptions

Reach out with Mind alone

or Hand alone

or even with a lonely Heart

And see how it is

We limit ourselves

Celebrate the joining

of the Three-Way Path


and Hand

and Heart

Weave into a full perception

Join Wholeness

and Dimension

and Diversity

Into a singularity of Vision

Let it be so . . .