Paula Underwood and Jun Hoshikawa in 1993 joined their talents and commitment to the Old Things by beginning the arduous task of bringing this oral history to all those in Japan who were interested and willing to listen. They collaborated in person, via e-mail and fax in the painstaking process of translating this vast Oral History into Japanese.

Just as Paula had done with her father, Jun now asked many questions of Paula checking for accuracy and understanding until Paula felt, “he saw the reality behind the words.” The result is a beautiful rendition of The Walking People in Japanese.

Jun Hoshikawa is an author, translator, peace activist, and speaker. He has written or translated numerous books, specializing in the environment, sustainable policy and lifestyle, social justice, peace, migrations, and indigenous cultures. His translation of The Walking People is widely read and followed in Japan. Jun is the author of Beringia: Bridge of Spirit. His most recent personal book is Living As If Peace Mattered, published in 2004.