Paula Underwood was a dynamic storyteller . . . she created mind images with words, enabling listeners to be present in a story. She described with vivid memory the process of learning that she enjoyed as a child . . . her father, heading out to the garage, their place of learning, to draw patterns on the Earth, so that a child might learn.

For us, there may not be a beaten earth floor on which the patterns of the Old Ways are drawn, but where there is a spark . . . a desire to explore possibilities . . . learning will follow.

This is an invitation to learn, an invitation to consider once more the approaches to learning introduced on this website. In the forward to the Great Hoop Of Life, it is recommended that anyone choosing to work with this oral tradition join with three others and form a group, a circle of learners, creating “an expanding world of two or more.”

Paula’s charge was, “to share and learn and develop into viable transmission as much as you can devise of this Ancient Way . . . remembering that it must be, accurate always . . . beautiful if possible.”

Let us now consider three concepts that are relevant to a Circle of Learners: “Circle,” “Central Fire,” and “Ordered Council.” These elements are the framework within which the Walking People organized themselves . . . assuring the survival of their community, It is also an important consideration as you organize your own Circle of Learners.