Our Central Texas group, Past Is Prologue: A Learning Way, meets regularly at members’ homes to read and discuss the ancient wisdom found in “The Walking People” and its enduring relevance to modern life and current events. Jeanne Lamar Slobod was present at each of the discussion groups referenced below and offers us her unique perspective on these readings.

Jeanne was a friend and colleague of Paula Underwood, their friendship spanning some fifty years. She was not only the editor of The Walking People, but also the person responsible for the dynamic format in which it was ultimately written. Jeanne and her husband, Bob, were instrumental in enabling Paula Underwood, the Keeper of the Old Things, to write down the vast history for which she was responsible. Anyone who knew Jeanne, understood the love and commitment she had for the Oral History. She was a driving force in the non-profit organization and absolutely tenacious about seeing that it was carried forward to future generations.

The summaries from four reading sessions have been included in these archives. They are as follows:

Sheltered Valley

Fly Like Eagle: The Telling Of One Who Could Not Walk

Grass Ocean

Ocean Coming Like A Great Wall

You may explore the discussions from these meetings for your own information or as a source of possibilities for conducting your own reading circle. More importantly, though, take the time to truly experience the journey of the Walking People.