The Origin of our Website’s Name

"“Without the nature of purpose they would have become only one more wandering people, following – as some do – the wanderings of the Great Herds. As it is, the people have become Learning People, and later in the journey begin to think how learning happens.”

Betty Sue Flowers Ph.D

From her review of The Walking People is a gateway for sharing this Ancient Wisdom and Tradition with individuals in our worldwide community. It is also an opportunity to hear many new voices . . . and learn.

It is in the Spirit of the Walking People that we dedicate ourselves to the conservation of these Old Ways, understanding that this commitment involves an innate responsibility to continue, as they did, to learn all that we are able from our circumstance. For this reason, we circle out from our individual communities to share all that we have learned of this wisdom, and listen for possibilities of learning.

“Unless we learn to weave our wisdom together . . . the wisdom within each, the wisdom within all. Unless we learn to take each separate strand of our many understandings and weave them together into a whole understanding, we have not learned enough” . . .

Paula Underwood, Turtle Woman Singing

May we continue to enable such braiding through these ancient approaches to life and learning. It is such a sharing that was intended.