Past Is Prologue: A Learning Way has been a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization since October of 1998. The specific purpose for which this corporation was formed is to share the approaches to learning handed down through five generations of an Iroquois oral tradition.

We are committed to:

  • perpetuating this Ancient Wisdom for future generations
  • gathering all that we know and understand
  • weaving together our understandings
  • sharing the Old Things with those who wish to learn
  • finding viable ways to apply this Wisdom to our current circumstance

We understand that this Oral History has been given as a gift to all Earth’s children, “so that all this gathered Wisdom might not again be washed away by a towering Ocean of Change.”

Past Is Prologue: A Learning Way is included as a program at Schreiner University’s Center for Innovative Learning in Kerrville, Texas. Each summer people from across the country come to the campus for a weekend of traditional Native American storytelling, mutual learning, exploration, song, and ceremony. Together they explore the many possibilities inherent in Ancient Wisdom. What may we learn from ancient stories and oral history? Can these tales, spanning thousands of years of gathered wisdom, have relevance for twenty-first century communities? In addition to the summer program, there is also a one-day workshop each Fall usually in October. Dr. Kathleen Hudson, a professor in the English Department, acts as liaison between Past Is Prologue and the University. She coordinates these events annually and has been instrumental in the success of this program at Schreiner.

You can learn more about the Schreiner program at: