Journey of the Walking People: Story of the Map

The map of The Walking People was included in the Japanese version only. Jun Hoshikawa, the translator of the text, wanted to have a visual reference for this epic journey. He and Paula Underwood spent many hours in discussion about the most probable path that was followed. Paula, throughout her lifetime, had experienced similar conversations with her father. It was understood that part of the responsibility handed down through the generations was to explore the historical past looking for tangible clues to the reality behind the words. The result, as seen on this website, was the map and route of The Walking People, graphically designed by Joseph Lambert.

This journey will take you along the migratory route of the Walking People as they cross Central Asia to Walk By Waters in the Bering Strait. From there the journey continues across the North American continent to the Eastern shores of Turtle Island.

Place your cursor at the start of this epic journey in Africa along the Great Rift Valley. Follow along on their epic adventure, moving from one destination to the next. Each stop on the interactive map will bring up an appropriate excerpt from The Walking People, enabling the reader to slip from the Present into the Past as each leg of their journey is vividly relived through these Ancient Songs.