Past Is Prologue: A Learning Way would like to acknowledge and extend our heartfelt gratitude to Laurie Roberts and the Tribe of Two Press. They graciously granted permission for the reprinting of excerpts from The Walking People, a Native American Oral History, inclusion of the writing and poetry of Paula Underwood, and reproduction of the Native artwork of Frank Howell.

Our sincere appreciation to Joseph O’Donnell, photographer and author, and Vanderbilt Press, publisher, for granting permission to use photographs from Japan 1945. In addition we honor Jun Hoshikawa for making available to us his lecture, “Memories of Hiroshima.”

A special thank you to Judy Huber, artist and friend, for her pen and ink drawings used in The Great Tree of Peace. Judy’s illustrations can also be seen in The Great Hoop of Life.

A note of gratitude is extended to Joseph Lambert, graphic designer and photographer, who believed that he was there, “to see our vision come true, not to create it.” He has breathed life into our vision of conserving and disseminating this Ancient Wisdom throughout the world. We show him many grateful hearts.

We acknowledge and thank every Learner who has contributed to the website.

We look forward to walking this path of sharing with you all.